The darkness is our earpiece
To a song we’ll never sing
We’re prisoners of transience
Side glances surf a ring
Around the hearts we love
And No!
Each goodbye draws a scar like time is an artist and my pain is his pain thing; our sighs are the testimonies of the beauty his brushes of distance have made.

And we…are frozen like 2D statues waiting till technology saves us, moves us. Even then we still would be time’s melancholic art.

‘Wishing we weren’t us, but as us in different lives’

We would spring free. We would fly unhindered, powerful and singular… But then…

Our version of grand theft auto, where we drive each other crazy with each other’s hearts in each other’s chests…is a possibility that seals our lives in the form of a canvas.

The darkness is our earpiece
To a song we’ll never sing.
We’re prisoners of transience, Side glances, suffering
Around the hearts we love… Whose touch we miss…and know.


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