Of Jamborees

Enemies of victories


Of consequences

Why do i see all these
The smell of all that sin still lingers

And yet all that is in the past

I see the blood

Falling to the sink

Soon there will be

No trace of this
Oh Lord, only your eyes can say these things

Rinse off my soul 

Heal me of the guilt I bear

All I’ve seen

Gave me all these scars

I would heal

If I was not a monster

So pray for me, before you idolize me

I may not be all that I seem
The smell of all that sin still lingers

And yet all that is in the past
I see the blood

Falling to the sink

Soon there will be

No trace of this
Oh Lord, only your eyes can say these things

Rinse off my soul 

Heal me of the guilt I bear

Purple Rage

Its boiling up from within me, like am a pot of hot fatigue soup and there’s no one to turn off the heat so I seethe till my lips auto-pout in indignation. I’ve danced past the darkness, couple of times, and heard the clock’s comfort, couple of chimes, but the talks have ticked me off. I can’t stay a second hour under the minutes of stark raving crap.
My heart beats me black and blue

Funny though I still retain my hue

Giving respect where I knew it due

But they don’t return it to you, its true

Falling down the stares folding into my rage

Maybe if I write these down I can flip the page.

I still have those thoughts and desires

Those passions and fires

The pictures and videos

Pointed pun scenarios

And its getting easier to sigh and shrug

Soldier anthills swept beneath the rug
I give praise to God for my earphones

They’re a swift escape from these zones

And sleep comes knocking every now and then,

Taking me out like a punch and then ten.


The darkness is our earpiece
To a song we’ll never sing
We’re prisoners of transience
Side glances surf a ring
Around the hearts we love
And No!
Each goodbye draws a scar like time is an artist and my pain is his pain thing; our sighs are the testimonies of the beauty his brushes of distance have made.

And we…are frozen like 2D statues waiting till technology saves us, moves us. Even then we still would be time’s melancholic art.

‘Wishing we weren’t us, but as us in different lives’

We would spring free. We would fly unhindered, powerful and singular… But then…

Our version of grand theft auto, where we drive each other crazy with each other’s hearts in each other’s chests…is a possibility that seals our lives in the form of a canvas.

The darkness is our earpiece
To a song we’ll never sing.
We’re prisoners of transience, Side glances, suffering
Around the hearts we love… Whose touch we miss…and know.



I’m glad I wasted those dusks with you,
I had no ulterior motives,
this painting that is tomorrow is
Brightened by the promise of a smile
A smile;
like the one you wear hurriedly for him,
Even in his absence.

He will never be me
But then, I will never be him.

Your hand puts trust on my shoulder
Like a ice cream the weight of a boulder
The weight is ideal,
Yet its absence will bring me little relief.
Little relief;
Like the dull absence amnesia leaves,
In place of nightmares.

I will never be yours,
But then, you will never be mine.

If I hugged you, my hands would caress you
To explain my affection and you’d reply.
We’d fall from light into the taste,
Restraint is wise, and this is why.
Why did I slip and knit fingers with you,
Knowing you would live to leave.

Its time to go,
But then, its time to go.

No Hers

Rivers of loneliness, caress their beds into my heart…
It isn’t the beginning, this isn’t the first time.
Secrets of bitterness, tingle my tongue…
Yet with joy, my eyes prophesy.
There is no end to my moments..
Only changes, and tosses of the coin.
I would stop this reverie…
But I savor the taste of regret
I don’t regret,no, I just mull it over…
Like gin on the tongue of a party.
Allow me to exaggerate…
After all I did birth a butterfly and slay naiveté.
No, my love, I am my pen…and words are my spirit, ink…these words needed to be shed
It was pain that necessitated my need to bleed
…My need to stop
My need for speed
No one sees the pictures…
I heard I need a help meet,
But these hearts are fleeting shores…
And I am a wind, of weight, of wit.

Write, no, right…
Its broken and it isn’t healing fast enough…
I wonder if they sense it…my ‘friends’
Apparently my resilient resolve is tough…
But these means take with them far ends


Don’t look at me
Don’t! Please!
My sins are written,
Like chalk on a board
They stand,
Against the wall of my righteousness,
Contrasting with my peace.
Please don’t look at me.
GOD will never forgive me.

I saw opportunities to run,
To flee,
I could have walked free,
Now my reflection points,
At me, accusations.
Like swords set to sink sewers
Into my self sufficient confidence.
I…didn’t flee from evil.
I joined and frolicked in it.
Pleasure took hold of my eyes
Yet I was not so blind
I magnified
delight above The Light.
And so I lost the fight.
I lied, I stole, I fornicated,
God will never forgive me.

You must be feeling sorry for me.

That’s interesting.

In case you think
Ah! I didn’t lie or cheat or steal.
I didn’t fornicate! For real!
Allow me to reintroduce myself
I am human like you
The truth is there are
A lot of Ways to Sin
It doesn’t matter which you’re in.
There are no white lies
No good criminals or legal bribes.
Yes, already you know,
God will never forgive you.

Maybe you’re a devout person
You’ve never played with treason.
You fast and tithe, in good season;
You washed your mouth with Klin.
But you missed one tithe payment;
Or broke a fast early by a minute.
Or You thought deep in your heart
‘I’ll be kinder when I’m a bit richer.’
Don’t think God is from Asia
He won’t forgive sin just like that
So if you’ve never shed blood
And done the rites for your sins
Then you will die and be damned
GOD will never forgive you.

But as I sit, stained by my idiocy
I hear speaking to me gently.
The lashes,
They bled and pulsed with dread.
The Thorns,
They dug beneath his scalp,
creating the craziest head-ache.
The Nails,
They pinned him to logs of wood,
One stuck out of a ticklish place
Turning pleasant giggles
To searing pain.
His Father watched in silence,
Angel Armies standing and staring.

No matter how many times
You ask GOD for his forgiveness
Without Jesus…
You might have to get a lamb.
Maybe more than one.
Else GOD will never forgive you.

Don’t look at me
Don’t! Please!
My sins are written,
Like chalk on a board
They stand,
Against the wall of my righteousness,
Contrasting with my peace.
So I choose to face my peace
My name is written,
Like a gem in Gold,
It sits,
In the palm of his righteousness.
Please don’t look at me.
Look at him!

And you others like me
Who look to Jesus,
Who believe that he died and rose,
And is coming back for you.
Listen to the Spirit of Jesus
As he whispers in your heart
He won’t speak English,
Or Hausa or Yoruba or Igbo or Edo,
But you’ll see what he’s saying
Because his own hear his voice.
When sin trips you, get up.
You’re dead to sin, don’t die in it.
When you feel guilty, remember;


#EVERYDAYJESUS is your justification.


Words fail sharing
Like this pain is an exam

Where this is going
I know I’ll find out

Tears escape
Though not mine

Persecution has a lot of clothes
I will take pictures of those I see

Laughter infects my brothers
As I silently cling to my melancholy

Words fail sharing
Like thoughts are black holes
In the galaxy that is my mind.

Selfish Forgiveness

I don’t think you’ll see
But then how would I know?
How would I know you see
When you can easily act,
Act like you don’t see me;

Pain, I understand.
We give it from our abundance,
From our need for relief.

I should go.

Its not that you’re not worthy
To have my presence.
I just only abide
Under conditions that favor me.

You’re getting to be
The person you planned to be
Even when you didn’t plan.

Don’t judge yourself
At least not by my standards.
I have no idea who
Or what you were thought
To be or to do.

So let me go
Perhaps when you are complete
We can joke
About how we grew
About what we went through.

Or you can try me
Benefit as much as possible
From my present.
Unwrap, open and look.
I don’t think you’ll see

But then, how would I know?

A Gain and again.

All you see are these headlines,
Not the story beneath them.
When the both of us meet eyes,
What you see is an emblem.

Made to put away fact,
So the truth can then surface.
Everything has impact,
Miracles are just interference.

Yes I can I love you,
Now there is a dislike too.
Don’t you bother to dig through,
Where I hid you is deep too.

I will miss how I flew free,
Back when you were beside me.
Now the fact that you freely
Chose to hurt me pauses me…
When I savor your laughter,
When I caress your eyes,
When you say, ‘trust me,’
I will wear my disguise.
So you don’t realise
So you won’t see
What happens to me
When I force myself to
Look beyond my pain
To love you, to trust you
Again, again and again.


I want to speak with the medium of my pain.
The same heart God made me smile with.
The same arms that pressed into me
With love
With hope
With trust.

I feel like a killer
A murderer who has destroyed another life
Just by smothering it
With poison
With guilt
With trust.

It didn’t take long. Pain has written again
A powerful orchestra, exploding from my chest
Silently pulsing, throbbing
With nostalgia
With disappointment
With resilience.

I look to my Father, He’s the best
At comforting me, reminding me who I am
What this world is, a game;
Of worship
Of ends
Of resilience.

I have but these words, my expression
Of the tiny storm that churns within me
I understand heartbreak, and guilt.
I will thicken just a bit more
Just to bear this weight,
As I endeavor to rest on my Father,
With trust;
As I endeavor to get up and keep loving,

I will blink back the tears
Smile away any fears
I will squeeze my heart free
Of this pain.
I will love the hand whose blade
Sits in my torso
Just beyond my fingers
Whispering to my heart,