Can’t get over you

Your eyes
Tell you what I used to look like

I’d stare
Look away because the world was there

Your ears
Tell you things no one else bears
No one but you
And I.

You mean
More to me than time can reveal

You are
Like this sea of wonders
And I
Can’t get over you.

Your lips
Purse with currency no other bank keeps

Your heart
Was never mine to steal from the start
So take back your heart
And I.

You see
Deeper in me than I can feel

And tomorrow better be better
And tomorrow better be better
And tomorrow better be better
I don’t want to live in
A past that never happened

You are
And I
Can’t get over you

Paid and Named

Couple of failures,
You would think my mistakes married.
Little girl, New nameplate ‘Miss Carried’.
You can draw conclusions, from the way her eye lashes,
That she so hot she gave the streets heat rashes;
Na her work oh, the boys will tell stories.
Bunga-what?! She dey plot to build storeys
When she pass you, blame it on JAMB lesson
No be railway, she ha lost her home training
There was no bad gang, she was good alone.
Even the church people had said their own.
Father getting farther, wharris all dizz?
Poisonous music and movies became her mind’s meat.


Bread of Life,
baked in the oven of a virgin
That good news, now we’re broadcasting
Peace came, and cut her the whole loaf.
IfeJesu, carved out the whole truth.

Yeah, she Nielly ran but Chinonso
Godswill is that the girl glow
That the air tell news of the truth you see
Ama cut CaP till an Alex slander me

Father Father, Nnannam oh
You reaped what I sow
I don’t have to bicycle.

Wait, Wait…

I don’t have to buy sickle.
No matter what hospital.
I will look em in eye shout ‘Horse spittle’
And they dull so they’ll miss it too
Enwekwam UbaAmara, ills are a small issue.

…Ills are a small issue.

In other news, back to Miss Carried.
Those her bad habits, they have seen harpic
Kids don’t come, now they calling her barren.
But her eyes on the Lord and the years passing.

…and the years passing.

Thirteen years, her belleh swelling.
All her friends say, ‘Bae, you are just adding.’
Already we know the story
Its Hannah and its my Auntie
The prayers we’ve forgotten
Are ripe for manifesting
I know that he’ll always hear me
Signed: Jesu Christi.
Through The  Niel.


Because #EVERYDAYJESUS is The One … Two or more ideas drop like fruits from the tree of Life four our five fingers to wrap around. He who six the Lord of Seven Spirits, and eight the bread of life and will find he doesn’t need nine lives or ten commandments…

I think the problem is people think I show myself,
But even books praise God sitting on a shelf.
Its not difficult to make a cult of words that follow.
Am sure someone understands. Raise your thumb if u follow.

The Word rings true like the font is an android.
We type, write rungs up the ladder of the Word

Its grace.

It greys death, till he’s old and ghost-faced.
And yes we’re all dead, call my bible ghost-faced!
I am hid in Christ, healthy, (no hide and sick)
Laughing at the devil, he’s the joke of the weak.

Threw my…block of burdens at God, God is my director.
He sighed, ‘Caught,’ once and made me a blockbuster.

Beginning of time, there’s only him B.C.
World’s greatest man, the next bests freely copy.
I am no me without him.
Time is vanity, (’cause he’s busy chasing A.D.)


I was, he who the son set free,
In a Prison of freedom until he redefined me.
This is just practice, for us the new bees.
Its you in the Word, bibles are selfies!!

To her trip

My phone grudgingly reveals the memories that can sooth my cravings of white gold; I take aim. A sigh escapes my chest as thoughts, followed shafts and tales by green fog, race from my thumb to your eyes… Despite my masterful semantic archery, I still miss you.


The darkness is our earpiece
To a song we’ll never sing
We’re prisoners of transience
Side glances surf a ring
Around the hearts we love
And No!
Each goodbye draws a scar like time is an artist and my pain is his pain thing; our sighs are the testimonies of the beauty his brushes of distance have made.

And we…are frozen like 2D statues waiting till technology saves us, moves us. Even then we still would be time’s melancholic art.

‘Wishing we weren’t us, but as us in different lives’

We would spring free. We would fly unhindered, powerful and singular… But then…

Our version of grand theft auto, where we drive each other crazy with each other’s hearts in each other’s chests…is a possibility that seals our lives in the form of a canvas.

The darkness is our earpiece
To a song we’ll never sing.
We’re prisoners of transience, Side glances, suffering
Around the hearts we love… Whose touch we miss…and know.



I’m glad I wasted those dusks with you,
I had no ulterior motives,
this painting that is tomorrow is
Brightened by the promise of a smile
A smile;
like the one you wear hurriedly for him,
Even in his absence.

He will never be me
But then, I will never be him.

Your hand puts trust on my shoulder
Like a ice cream the weight of a boulder
The weight is ideal,
Yet its absence will bring me little relief.
Little relief;
Like the dull absence amnesia leaves,
In place of nightmares.

I will never be yours,
But then, you will never be mine.

If I hugged you, my hands would caress you
To explain my affection and you’d reply.
We’d fall from light into the taste,
Restraint is wise, and this is why.
Why did I slip and knit fingers with you,
Knowing you would live to leave.

Its time to go,
But then, its time to go.


Don’t look at me
Don’t! Please!
My sins are written,
Like chalk on a board
They stand,
Against the wall of my righteousness,
Contrasting with my peace.
Please don’t look at me.
GOD will never forgive me.

I saw opportunities to run,
To flee,
I could have walked free,
Now my reflection points,
At me, accusations.
Like swords set to sink sewers
Into my self sufficient confidence.
I…didn’t flee from evil.
I joined and frolicked in it.
Pleasure took hold of my eyes
Yet I was not so blind
I magnified
delight above The Light.
And so I lost the fight.
I lied, I stole, I fornicated,
God will never forgive me.

You must be feeling sorry for me.

That’s interesting.

In case you think
Ah! I didn’t lie or cheat or steal.
I didn’t fornicate! For real!
Allow me to reintroduce myself
I am human like you
The truth is there are
A lot of Ways to Sin
It doesn’t matter which you’re in.
There are no white lies
No good criminals or legal bribes.
Yes, already you know,
God will never forgive you.

Maybe you’re a devout person
You’ve never played with treason.
You fast and tithe, in good season;
You washed your mouth with Klin.
But you missed one tithe payment;
Or broke a fast early by a minute.
Or You thought deep in your heart
‘I’ll be kinder when I’m a bit richer.’
Don’t think God is from Asia
He won’t forgive sin just like that
So if you’ve never shed blood
And done the rites for your sins
Then you will die and be damned
GOD will never forgive you.

But as I sit, stained by my idiocy
I hear speaking to me gently.
The lashes,
They bled and pulsed with dread.
The Thorns,
They dug beneath his scalp,
creating the craziest head-ache.
The Nails,
They pinned him to logs of wood,
One stuck out of a ticklish place
Turning pleasant giggles
To searing pain.
His Father watched in silence,
Angel Armies standing and staring.

No matter how many times
You ask GOD for his forgiveness
Without Jesus…
You might have to get a lamb.
Maybe more than one.
Else GOD will never forgive you.

Don’t look at me
Don’t! Please!
My sins are written,
Like chalk on a board
They stand,
Against the wall of my righteousness,
Contrasting with my peace.
So I choose to face my peace
My name is written,
Like a gem in Gold,
It sits,
In the palm of his righteousness.
Please don’t look at me.
Look at him!

And you others like me
Who look to Jesus,
Who believe that he died and rose,
And is coming back for you.
Listen to the Spirit of Jesus
As he whispers in your heart
He won’t speak English,
Or Hausa or Yoruba or Igbo or Edo,
But you’ll see what he’s saying
Because his own hear his voice.
When sin trips you, get up.
You’re dead to sin, don’t die in it.
When you feel guilty, remember;


#EVERYDAYJESUS is your justification.


Hello ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’,

I have that feeling one gets when they’re ‘home alone’ and like ‘The Flash’ power flickers and is ‘Taken 2’. That’s a norm in Nigeria though, so many know this feeling well.

Real Christians shouldn’t ‘Bleach’ at the sound of darkness.

But again I’m monologuing in the ‘House’ that is ‘Once upon a Time…’ You see Truth when God says, ‘Let it Shine.’

It doesn’t matter if ‘The Devil wears Prada’, it matters that he is filled with hateful ‘Obsession’ that makes him whisper to every Christian, ‘He’s not that into you’.

And by you I mean ‘Her’, ‘The Church’ who all spark ‘Transformers’ to become ‘Titanic’; Dying to ‘Sin City’ and passing ‘The Exam’ that is The Law.

His job is to accuse ‘Heroes’ and ‘Stitch’ ‘A Thousand Words’ in misrepresentation of ‘The Lion King’, ‘Son of God’, ‘The Matrix’ of ‘Life as we know it’.
But should I have said ‘As we ought to know ‘It’?’

In life’s ‘Game of Thrones’ … God’s is ‘The Kingdom’ that will always win…wait..that has always won.

All of us looked up at him and said, ‘I can do bad all by myself’ but ‘His Royal Highness’ chose us among ‘The Avengers’ of Love to each be a ‘Shooter’ of words not containing merely ‘The Sound of Music’ but containing ‘The Giver’ of Life…

They call our ministry of pure ‘Grace’ a ‘Mission Impossible’… But he redefined ‘The Quantum of Solace’ by choosing not to simply let us ‘Die Another Day’… He made ‘Abraham’ a promise and ‘The Spirit’ is the fulfilment of that promise… Through the ‘Passion of the Christ’ and his ‘Resurrection’, God gave ‘Salvation’ to ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’…

‘Noah’ didn’t see this coming… ‘David’ probably did… But here we are… And when we do ‘Good Deeds’ now its not to be approved but show ourselves approved… We know our ‘Final Destination’…

But if you’re asking yourself, ‘Why did I get married 2’ the ‘Maze runner’ that is The Law?

‘The Thing’ is … This is a ‘War of Worlds’… And ‘Faith’ is the currency that gets you the ‘Lottery Ticket’ that is ‘The Spirit’… He never devalues or loses value.

But instead of naming movies till ‘Movie 43’, Let me put it more simply:

God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.

For God did not send the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him.

He who believes in Him [who clings to, trusts in, relies on Him] is not judged [he who trusts in Him never comes up for judgment; for him there is no rejection, no condemnation—he incurs no damnation]; but he who does not believe (cleave to, rely on, trust in Him) is judged already [he has already been convicted and has already received his sentence] because he has not believed in and trusted in the name of the only begotten Son of God. [He is condemned for refusing to let his trust rest in Christ’s name.]

The [basis of the] judgment (indictment, the test by which men are judged, the ground for the sentence) lies in this: the Light has come into the world, and people have loved the darkness rather than and more than the Light, for their works (deeds) were evil.

Now, ‘This is the End’; I hope you let all that Word ‘Step up’, ‘Jump in’ and ‘Stomp the Yard’ in Your heart. Because when its ‘Rush Hour’ and The ‘Pacific Rim’ or ‘The World is not enough’ to contain your doubts or guilt, you must not be ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ and meet your ‘Death at a funeral’.

He did ‘Die Hard’ so we may live. He went to the ‘Underworld’ so we should experience and not just say, ‘Heaven is Real’. Its not some ‘Silent Hill’, or ‘The Back-up plan’ for our accommodation after a ‘Prison Break’ from this ‘Body of Lies’. No Its got more ‘Sugar’ than an ’American Pie’, and God is Love and Love never fails so this is not the remix.

Real Christians shouldn’t ‘Scream’ at the sound of darkness. But then I might be saying all this because ‘I’m in love with a Church girl’… You don’t have to trust me, ‘Now you see me’ through my words. You can see Jesus, see God, the same way. How?

‘Get hard’ on your Bible, its Cinematic.

Law to Grace

He shed his glory suit
He loved his targeted spree,
He reeked of shame and disguise
And like a tree,he came as one.

As mortal spirit
His blood,mixed with water
He called his mission his food,
For mortals he wanted eternally.

While he came tied to humans,
First cord sprang from woman.
His origin we couldn’t fathom.
His vision,to work our change.

Man to mystery,slave to son,law to grace.
In prison floors of freedom
He made us without sin
Though it flocks around as air.

All he came,all he left, was for me,
Thirty nine strokes took all disease
Yet, Man he healed turned to flee
When his time came,he turned a loner.

The vertical and horizontal lines in agreement,formed a stage for his torn flesh.
A pillar set on a hill,
That bore my mortality.

I can love like you will
I can go all over like u please
I can do all this in you
Because you gave me heaven’s treasure.
The Holy Spirit in me.

Never forsaking me
Because he fore-knew me
Never condemning me
Because His is my righteousness.
Man to mystery,slave to son,
Law to grace….

The Dance

Till then… We dance
With the feet of our fingers
Across the dancefloor of imagination.
Follow me to the past
Let the walls drape
With our version of events
Sniff the food
We cooked with our eyes
As our finger sat,
Sheathed in our caution
You don’t know
You know the moves…
But I know the body that is your soul…
So take my hand… Trust my words
Dance with me…let time be our music…
And love be our distance
Swirl with me to a night
When there was only me and you
On some porcelain dancefloor
Jumping in slow motion…
Not because there’s no air… No…
We float because we are light enough
Light enough to burn each other with wordless emotion…
Yet heavy enough to be grounded by identity.
We are who we are… Not what we want
Are you smiling yet…

As scared as I am to take the next step
I will trust you to catch me
I know am gonna fall

Let me wrap you with family
So that the faces you see
All have eyes that adore you
They don’t know you like I do…
But they’re patient…Yours forever…
Watching you dance, watching us dance
Through our memories, through our moments…
Now that you know the song…
Sing with me…Say something…

Now I’m drifting,
It doesn’t matter what song is playing
I can’t hear it
Your whispers are loud
Loud enough for me to realize
Your mouth isn’t even moving

My words are yours…

And mine yours…

Our minds soup together
As our thoughts synchronize…
With the music

But you’re wrong
No music for me
Even though I can feel the bass on the floor
Your eyes are singing the song my mind is playing

Can you hear me? Look into my eyes…
Dangerous, isn’t it? To be so close

And yet I hear nothing
I can see and feel you
Somehow my other senses are dull

I know what you want…perhaps its time…
I blink…
And for a moment, all you know is my heartbeat…
Thumping somewhere in your soul
Like a continuously imploding bomb..
Its hot.. Yet you’re not burning… Not yet
Each thump sends my fingers…
A thousand of them…
Dancing across your soul
Its dark… The only light is within you…
Thumping.. Our hearts are awake…
My eyes tell the truth… You know
So you look…
And I draw you closer…closer…closer
Light surrounds you
You’re on fire…but the heat doesn’t hurt…
Its a longing…Its a sound

I don’t trust your eyes, You should know
It’s like a vast sea
When I look,
I feel like I’m falling into an abyss
Pitch black
Yes it’s dangerous
But I’m not scared
I see the light somewhere within
The heat somewhere

Do you want to wake up…
Or will you look into my eyes?

I’d rather step back
This time I want to be in control
Its harder when you do d things you do
I can’t leave that way

Yours is the song…your words are mine

Now the song has ended
But I never heard a note of it
All this twirling has left me light-headed

You dance like a petal caught in the wind…

I was led by the best

Wake up!!!