Chimamma: Its on the 19th of may 2016

Chimamma: Burn down the palaces of doctrines and denominations

Chimamma: She is ONE CHURCH

Chimamma: We are gods. Stay close to the centre cos we are nothing but dead g    ods without the life of Him who gives it

Cindy: *so them words carry power if they are Gods and if they be spoken*…….. #word

I am DaNiel Achi-kanu. I am a Son of God, perhaps like you. I’m also a poet, I’d like you to know about PENSPEAK 2016- A spoken word poetry event happening in the UNN this May.

PensPeak ’15 found me in audience starry eyed staring at God’s stars in the sky of our generation…

But it was early in the evening…and as the year evened out even I found myself picking up the pieces of my blown away mind…

PensPeak ’16 found me piecing pieces to Peace and please don’t simply be pleased by this piece of pieces…

Its early in the eve of the evening when its happening. Happen in tune with us…even out the event with us.

UNN, May 19.
Call – Ada +2348160565714
       Mimi +2348183527566
Or.    Me +2347036013927

Pieces and pens make Pen’s Peak…

Be a piece… Don’t just speak


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