Selfish Forgiveness

I don’t think you’ll see
But then how would I know?
How would I know you see
When you can easily act,
Act like you don’t see me;

Pain, I understand.
We give it from our abundance,
From our need for relief.

I should go.

Its not that you’re not worthy
To have my presence.
I just only abide
Under conditions that favor me.

You’re getting to be
The person you planned to be
Even when you didn’t plan.

Don’t judge yourself
At least not by my standards.
I have no idea who
Or what you were thought
To be or to do.

So let me go
Perhaps when you are complete
We can joke
About how we grew
About what we went through.

Or you can try me
Benefit as much as possible
From my present.
Unwrap, open and look.
I don’t think you’ll see

But then, how would I know?

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