A Gain and again.

All you see are these headlines,
Not the story beneath them.
When the both of us meet eyes,
What you see is an emblem.

Made to put away fact,
So the truth can then surface.
Everything has impact,
Miracles are just interference.

Yes I can I love you,
Now there is a dislike too.
Don’t you bother to dig through,
Where I hid you is deep too.

I will miss how I flew free,
Back when you were beside me.
Now the fact that you freely
Chose to hurt me pauses me…
When I savor your laughter,
When I caress your eyes,
When you say, ‘trust me,’
I will wear my disguise.
So you don’t realise
So you won’t see
What happens to me
When I force myself to
Look beyond my pain
To love you, to trust you
Again, again and again.

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