Rain in Udi

The air is sweating profusely,and we have been surrounded by the dark-skinned inevitability of dusk, its cool though. The evening offers no chores.

I caught a glimpse of you running across my mind in your read shoos. It didn’t take me long to want to want to write to myself…that’s right,I either write to God, Me or some one-else. Well…tonight you are my ‘one-else’. There are…there have to be more than a thousand leaves on this permanently bent tree outside the window; there,is another piece of encouragement for me to leave, whenever I inhale a whisper of aimless transience.

Don’t get me wrong.

I would ‘love’ to be your ‘one’ but I hope we still share ‘one love’ when I say what I will now.

Don’t get me wrung, by your disappointment, because the reaction I give when I’m in an emotional action movie is to act impervious; my walls come up so fast, you’d think me a free mason.

You are my… You. I have never had another You in my life and when I say ‘life’ I don’t mean the duration of events that serially occurred from the moment I was evicted by my first landlady to the moment I lose the interest or means to live in my bio-mobile home. No, by ‘life’, I mean, in the entire eternity I exist, there is never going to be another You.

Now, You can believe that or not. Soon, fewer and fewer things will inspire thoughts of you. I have to eventually stopped letting you have a letter of the alphabet to yourself.

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