Ripe Dates

To Chisom and Nonye,
About relationships:

Precious (Ogbonna 2016) said, ‘if you know what you’re doing its OK.’

Mabel (Asuquo 2016) said,’ I don’t like to waste my time…’ Thereby suggesting that dating in the realm of Tertiary education, dating is pointless. It is problematic to define a relationship except in each case’s isolation

‘Why would YOU want to date?’ would be easier to answer than ‘Should I date?’

But we must consider the destination of every journey either while on the journey or before it. Now the question: ”When is someone termed MATURE”?

Maturity has often been viewed as indicated by pubic hair, but now… I will speak of my own view of the matter; My own answer to the question.

Dating could be a tool for furthering the maturity of those involved. A lot of things I was naive to were exposed to me in my years of dating. Dating cannot make or mar you. Your person is slightly dependent on your reaction to life around you: Else we take away responsibility. Dating is not bad… But I am strongly of the view that it is for a purpose. Purposeless dating is harmful and should not be encouraged. Following ‘feelings’ is what got Samson, Sisera, David, Saul and a lot of others into complications. If you are dating because you have feelings for someone…
That person won’t be the last person you’ll have feelings for.

If you date with marriage in view and the person leaves;
Is it purpose-less dating?:roll:

No; You dated with marriage in view

When, in my opinion, is anyone eligible for dating?

When you can handle the Spiritual, Emotional and Financial responsibility.

If you were in a relationship, would you say no every time you’re overtly or covertly asked for money?

No, I guess

And wouldn’t you want to get things for your Bae?

Yes, you would.

Its irresponsible to take the money wey your pahle gi u make u take chop dey buy buy one tin or the other…especially if you no be omobabalowo

When, in my opinion, is anyone eligible for dating?

You can ignore all these and date believing that along the way, Grace will take you there; I think that’s a level of Spiritual maturity.

But if you ignore God, UC, Daniel, Ambode, Nnanna, your pastor and parents…
Whatever you see, enjoy it.


if we are new Creations, let’s act like it.

All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable.

Ask God before you date.

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