Affirmation accentuates ardor,
Masking assassins aptly.

Sentimental seconds saunter
Asunder my silence.
Violin vibrations violate me via
Invasions of vibrant veracity.
New nexuses knit new nights
Gnawing at my numbness.

My muttering multiplies
You will never know…

Lies linger longing to lounge
Oh Heart, hear and hearken
Virulent vexation awaits
Enlarged only by less lucidity.

One thought on “Satire

  1. It means

    Encouragement fuels excitement thereby hiding the obviously deceptive.

    In moments of solitude we also worsen the matter by mulling over our feelings and listening to music that helps our sentiments. New relationships then go further to weaken any resolve at avoiding the romantic.

    This annoys me to muttering, so I conclude by warning my heart that anything that involves lies can only lead to vexation and pain. I even put an anagram in there using the first alphabet of each sentence… To explain the poem in one sentence


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