Traces of you


“It is our choices that define who we truly are. Our ability to do something follows thereafter.”

I just happened to ponder over this sentence, today. There is a hidden meaning behind this sentence, I believe. Some kind of a secret. Like an answer to life. Almost riddle-like. When we choose to do something, we work towards it. But isn’t ‘choice’ and ‘ability’ inter-related? Almost like an infinity symbol.

This, further makes me wonder whether I have made the right choices for myself. ‘Right’ in the sense, that I hope I have made the choices that I ought to, which doesn’t break boundaries or a wrong decision that I might later regret. And regret is something I don’t want.

I wonder why it is that I keep wanting some people back in my life. Why, all of a sudden, after years they show up; right outside your doorstep with the…

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