WWF – Working The Word Of God

Christ a poet

Let me start out today by saying that the devil is not so much afraid of your prayer and fasting life as much as he does of your knowledge of God’s word. Satan is not so much respecting your anointing and gifting as he does your wisdom and insight in God’s word. God says My people perish not because of not praying well enough, but because of lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. Many people think it is their prayer and fasting that will keep them afloat on the stormy sea of life. How untrue that is! Tell me, how many prayers did Jesus say when there was storm on the sea? Not one! He only, with His knowledge of God’s word, spoke to the sea and the sea instantly was hushed to sleep. Mark 4:35-40. Jesus Christ must have been quickened so much by the word of God as…

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