Dee’s Birthday

Every year on my birthday, my Mom wakes up in the morning and recounts my birth during prayers. She puts the ‘birth’ in birthday. Its interesting that I feel like doing something similar now.

You see, August 18 every is Dimma Asomugha’s birthday. I met her through her cousin one damp day. To this post I’ve known her for two birthdays now. I’m glad I met her. She’s supportive and creative and sensitive and kind and a geek. Simple Chidimma is simply extraordinary. I’ve never left Chidimma’s presence with a problem in the same form I came with it. She positively touches everything.

When I hit a Moment of Self derision once, Chidimma snapped me out of it by reminding me of how long the path of my career is and how far along I’d come compared to  before. She isn’t just your average kiss and giggle girl, she’s that Kingmaker.

So… Happy birthday Dimma…just thinking of you gives me an idea.

To the rest of you, my beloved eyes and souls… Get a Dimma today, right now, immediately, presently, do it.

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