Useful to God

A Catholic Convert in Ottawa

Like many people, I don’t enjoy pulling weeds out of the lawn. Possibly because they seem to spring up again as quickly as the stubble returns to Homer Simpson’s face. Needless to say, my backyard has more dandelions than I’d like.

Which turned out to be a blessing for one brave bunny.

I happened to look outside yesterday morning and spotted a rabbit happily munching on dandelion leaves and then biting off stems, nibbling them almost to the seed head. Something I thought was an eyesore—a nuisance, even—was useful for that creature.

wild rabbit A wild rabbit selecting dandelion stems in my backyard 

And that made me think of how we might view ourselves. Do we ever see ourselves the way I saw those dandelions—something out of place and not useful? Do we ever think that we’re too weak, too young or too old to serve God? That we lack the strength or…

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