The Dance

Till then… We dance
With the feet of our fingers
Across the dancefloor of imagination.
Follow me to the past
Let the walls drape
With our version of events
Sniff the food
We cooked with our eyes
As our finger sat,
Sheathed in our caution
You don’t know
You know the moves…
But I know the body that is your soul…
So take my hand… Trust my words
Dance with me…let time be our music…
And love be our distance
Swirl with me to a night
When there was only me and you
On some porcelain dancefloor
Jumping in slow motion…
Not because there’s no air… No…
We float because we are light enough
Light enough to burn each other with wordless emotion…
Yet heavy enough to be grounded by identity.
We are who we are… Not what we want
Are you smiling yet…

As scared as I am to take the next step
I will trust you to catch me
I know am gonna fall

Let me wrap you with family
So that the faces you see
All have eyes that adore you
They don’t know you like I do…
But they’re patient…Yours forever…
Watching you dance, watching us dance
Through our memories, through our moments…
Now that you know the song…
Sing with me…Say something…

Now I’m drifting,
It doesn’t matter what song is playing
I can’t hear it
Your whispers are loud
Loud enough for me to realize
Your mouth isn’t even moving

My words are yours…

And mine yours…

Our minds soup together
As our thoughts synchronize…
With the music

But you’re wrong
No music for me
Even though I can feel the bass on the floor
Your eyes are singing the song my mind is playing

Can you hear me? Look into my eyes…
Dangerous, isn’t it? To be so close

And yet I hear nothing
I can see and feel you
Somehow my other senses are dull

I know what you want…perhaps its time…
I blink…
And for a moment, all you know is my heartbeat…
Thumping somewhere in your soul
Like a continuously imploding bomb..
Its hot.. Yet you’re not burning… Not yet
Each thump sends my fingers…
A thousand of them…
Dancing across your soul
Its dark… The only light is within you…
Thumping.. Our hearts are awake…
My eyes tell the truth… You know
So you look…
And I draw you closer…closer…closer
Light surrounds you
You’re on fire…but the heat doesn’t hurt…
Its a longing…Its a sound

I don’t trust your eyes, You should know
It’s like a vast sea
When I look,
I feel like I’m falling into an abyss
Pitch black
Yes it’s dangerous
But I’m not scared
I see the light somewhere within
The heat somewhere

Do you want to wake up…
Or will you look into my eyes?

I’d rather step back
This time I want to be in control
Its harder when you do d things you do
I can’t leave that way

Yours is the song…your words are mine

Now the song has ended
But I never heard a note of it
All this twirling has left me light-headed

You dance like a petal caught in the wind…

I was led by the best

Wake up!!!


In the still of the night while I seat on my rocking chair
I had this thought flash through my mind like a movie
One of many movies I partly acted in ignorance
Deeds done that seemingly disheartens

In the memories of memories I am lost in pains
Thinking to myself I could have done things better
In a glance, I stare on, looking at my flaws
Flaws I have to go through pains correcting

In truth I am one of a kind to have a way out
Not everyone is given a second chance to make things right
In the real sense, here is another opportunity to redecorate
I will make full use of it and rewrite history

In two three years’ time, I will be standing in awe at my exploits
I won’t repeat mistakes of the past but will improve
I will put in whatever it takes so as to achieve my goals
Amazing success awaits those who both hard and smart work

in my street, while I was still a kid I still remember the old folks
the memories of their intellectual discourses still ring in my ear
they often talked about the importance of right thinking and
the power of hard work, I grew up to know smart work is better

smart working makes you even employ hard workers
Mr Robert K. once explained why A students work for Cs
In no doubt he is right, many a people have been earned good grades in schools
I see them on the streets with ropes on their necks begging to be tied somewhere secure

Every night they seek for themselves a quiet place to think life through
Tomorrow I will do it better but the day to do it better never came
I for one will not fall such victim again, lessons are learnt already and am set
I am so set for greater things ahead that I am done regretting

I am full of excitement now for I know destiny calls
I know better what to do to make things happen the way I want them to
Enough of guess saying, this time I am taking the bull by the horn
Never again will I be an extra in my own movie

The world get set to celebrate my exceptionality
I know my identity and will proudly showcase it to the world
I am the son of the God of gods and I rule over all situations of life
The world is at my mercy, I take of life whatever my heart desires

I am out to touch lives and make them better than I met them
I am passing though this place and time is running fast
Though time runs out of control for many, I am the pilot of mine
Nothing is impossible; all I see is I’ll Make it Possible

So as the still of the night now turns dawn
I am fully set for the new phase of my life
Eventful, awesome and divinely amazing
My Father never sleeps and His spirit is ever with me

The world shall marvel at my wisdom come to learn at my feet
Not to my glory Lord but for your praises alone
I am ready to be used of you Lord as the pen in the writer’s hand
Use me for your purpose as I open up my eyes to the dawning of a new phase.




I am furious about us. That we can’t seem to get past these etched boundaries made of diamond-like paper.

I am furious with love, that it seems to have failed my friend and has taken sojourn in the bosom of my foe.

I am furious with life,  that it is so unsatisfactory. That it lifts your dreams way up high and dashes it on the rocks. That it erodes our hopes and dampens our passions.

I am furious with my motherland. It gives me sweet memories, foundation for all my words and art and sours them up in the same breath.

I am furious with myself,  for the stars and roses which cloud my view of the roads both taken and not taken.

I am furious with you, yes you ;for thinking that this is a vent or a lament.

This is a yearning for the passions that beat…

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I hated the way he laughed. That was the first red flag and it went up the very first time we talked. It sounded so insincere, shallow and not even believable enough to be called thearitical . It itched my ears and every time he spoke I wanted to scream at him to shut up, to stop the blatant lie that he was and the cliche he was turning me into. But even as I knew it was all wrong I craved for him and his words . Wanted him and all he represented , desperately. It was like being allergic to something but being unable  to stop yourself from going to it again and again. As you move towards it you know what will happen. You already know the reactions and their antidote, you remember its pain and agony. You pray not for a miracle make the allergy go…

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wpid-c5f529e098fef55157e6c810886244d0.jpg To be or not to be? That is all our life is about. Before we come into being,  he chooses who we are, our country, race, gender and personality. We are, not because of our will but for his. Our lives unfold into choices that overlap each other like dominoes. We choose to be happy or sad, to laugh or cry, to like or love. And as we delve deep

Into the life, we have made from  choices, we choose to hate or like, to forgive or not, to keep or give away, to build our lives or let it rot, to read or party, to trust or not to, to say yes or not, to give life or not. Even for the few choices which look like they are not ours to make, are. Life or death is in our hands. Life with God or death without him. You…

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Christ a poet

Before the me-game came to make insane
There was you, two ways made same, laid in lines to collide, drive
Not to divide, make asides, astride in competitive races
You now, the opponent, you set me in mind, the kind of conception that’s about sides
You’re making for the line, to finish before, to draw it between us as permanent
We two, twined, tangled, twisted into unity, fashioned, forged, framed
Trimmed, primed to prose-like praise of the thing marked as Divinely formed
Strings thronged together, with
beads that are seeds of our love
Deeds of eyes that meet, that sit on seats stitched by sacrifice sweet, swiftly inspired
Ignited as fire, aflame, glowing brightly for us to see, to enjoy, to be warmed by
They’re doused, by aroused rains seeded by clouds of discord
They’re gone, done away with, replaced by gaping spaces and frowning faces
And by ambitious, broken…

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A simple thing you can do to make your storytelling more engaging

Business in Rhyme


No matter are you a writer, a business owner or you just want to improve your presentation skills, effective storytelling is like having an ace in your sleeve that you can pull out just in time when you have to make your point or become more persuasive. In my previous posts about storytelling I discussed the power of narrative and today I shell go more deeply into how to harness that power to keep your audience active, engaged and responsive. Now, structuring your story, speech or even website content can be hard with distractions coming all over the place. In order to pass your ideas across and stuck to the memory of your audience you have to use all tricks and tools available to you. And avoid little mistakes along the way.

Here is what I mean:

Don’t begin with unattractive facts and figures (unless you are dealing with science…

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When I try to complain…

Words well up from behind my eyes as I type them without format, stanza or protocol. I simply need to eradicate the stench of annoyance that has built up from years of not flushing my system properly of irritation.

The log of wood in my left eye has grown a canopy that is the habitat for my patience and perhaps, I have become a patient nursing the promises of my Comforter as I watch my kin shiver in a cold world.

I want to dump my conscience, having found it has been conditioned by the same Miss Information that hails from The knowledge of Good and Evil. Since I’ve fallen off that family tree, I want to leave that Local Government Area behind, but…


Lord You said if I left mother, father, sister, brother and anything anyone for you I would surely get more in return, but is this what you meant? Should I really abandon these people to their ways?

Yes?! I hear you saying ‘Yes’!!

Yes, why not Yes right? With one word, you solve my dilemma and as usual where I’ve come to sulk and pout, you suck me dry of depression and pour out your peace. If I didn’t have you I would surely have snapped like a twig underneath a stampede.

Tomorrow I will have a smile for everyone, and your words will crawl down the my heart only to drip through my lips and ripples of joy and praises will send waves of glory into eternity.

It is you, working in me, willing and doing your thing. All they’ll see is you, while even I am healed inside your startling power. My gratitude is unspeakable but I know you know my thoughts, so you know my expressions of worship are merely outbursts of spirit pressure.

You are mine, and I am yours,
Your eternal Majesty;
The Lord of Light and Life,
The King of Heaven,
First Signatory of The Better Covenant,
Grand Architect of the Universe,
The Invisible Lord of Everything,
The Inventor of Music and Beauty,
The Chief Dispenser of Meaning,
The Author of Language and Progenitor of its Diversity,
The Beginning The End,
The Boundary of Existence,
The Puzzle of Wisdom,
The Spirit of Truth,
The Way to Immortality,
The Conqueror of Death,
The Slayer of Nothingness,
My Father, Teacher, Healer, Provider, Shield, Reward, Wisdom, Power, My God and Lord.
My Spirit, words must have been invented for this very purpose, You!!!

The Love,
The Inventor of Lovers,
You better prepare, because I’m coming home to praise you like you imagined from the beginning of the world; and you know… You know.


I want to speak with the medium of my pain.
The same heart God made me smile with.
The same arms that pressed into me
With love
With hope
With trust.

I feel like a killer
A murderer who has destroyed another life
Just by smothering it
With poison
With guilt
With trust.

It didn’t take long. Pain has written again
A powerful orchestra, exploding from my chest
Silently pulsing, throbbing
With nostalgia
With disappointment
With resilience.

I look to my Father, He’s the best
At comforting me, reminding me who I am
What this world is, a game;
Of worship
Of ends
Of resilience.

I have but these words, my expression
Of the tiny storm that churns within me
I understand heartbreak, and guilt.
I will thicken just a bit more
Just to bear this weight,
As I endeavor to rest on my Father,
With trust;
As I endeavor to get up and keep loving,

I will blink back the tears
Smile away any fears
I will squeeze my heart free
Of this pain.
I will love the hand whose blade
Sits in my torso
Just beyond my fingers
Whispering to my heart,