I’m glad I wasted those dusks with you,
I had no ulterior motives,
this painting that is tomorrow is
Brightened by the promise of a smile
A smile;
like the one you wear hurriedly for him,
Even in his absence.

He will never be me
But then, I will never be him.

Your hand puts trust on my shoulder
Like a ice cream the weight of a boulder
The weight is ideal,
Yet its absence will bring me little relief.
Little relief;
Like the dull absence amnesia leaves,
In place of nightmares.

I will never be yours,
But then, you will never be mine.

If I hugged you, my hands would caress you
To explain my affection and you’d reply.
We’d fall from light into the taste,
Restraint is wise, and this is why.
Why did I slip and knit fingers with you,
Knowing you would live to leave.

Its time to go,
But then, its time to go.

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