No Hers

Rivers of loneliness, caress their beds into my heart…
It isn’t the beginning, this isn’t the first time.
Secrets of bitterness, tingle my tongue…
Yet with joy, my eyes prophesy.
There is no end to my moments..
Only changes, and tosses of the coin.
I would stop this reverie…
But I savor the taste of regret
I don’t regret,no, I just mull it over…
Like gin on the tongue of a party.
Allow me to exaggerate…
After all I did birth a butterfly and slay naiveté.
No, my love, I am my pen…and words are my spirit, ink…these words needed to be shed
It was pain that necessitated my need to bleed
…My need to stop
My need for speed
No one sees the pictures…
I heard I need a help meet,
But these hearts are fleeting shores…
And I am a wind, of weight, of wit.

Write, no, right…
Its broken and it isn’t healing fast enough…
I wonder if they sense it…my ‘friends’
Apparently my resilient resolve is tough…
But these means take with them far ends

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