Law to Grace

He shed his glory suit
He loved his targeted spree,
He reeked of shame and disguise
And like a tree,he came as one.

As mortal spirit
His blood,mixed with water
He called his mission his food,
For mortals he wanted eternally.

While he came tied to humans,
First cord sprang from woman.
His origin we couldn’t fathom.
His vision,to work our change.

Man to mystery,slave to son,law to grace.
In prison floors of freedom
He made us without sin
Though it flocks around as air.

All he came,all he left, was for me,
Thirty nine strokes took all disease
Yet, Man he healed turned to flee
When his time came,he turned a loner.

The vertical and horizontal lines in agreement,formed a stage for his torn flesh.
A pillar set on a hill,
That bore my mortality.

I can love like you will
I can go all over like u please
I can do all this in you
Because you gave me heaven’s treasure.
The Holy Spirit in me.

Never forsaking me
Because he fore-knew me
Never condemning me
Because His is my righteousness.
Man to mystery,slave to son,
Law to grace….

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