The Dance

Till then… We dance
With the feet of our fingers
Across the dancefloor of imagination.
Follow me to the past
Let the walls drape
With our version of events
Sniff the food
We cooked with our eyes
As our finger sat,
Sheathed in our caution
You don’t know
You know the moves…
But I know the body that is your soul…
So take my hand… Trust my words
Dance with me…let time be our music…
And love be our distance
Swirl with me to a night
When there was only me and you
On some porcelain dancefloor
Jumping in slow motion…
Not because there’s no air… No…
We float because we are light enough
Light enough to burn each other with wordless emotion…
Yet heavy enough to be grounded by identity.
We are who we are… Not what we want
Are you smiling yet…

As scared as I am to take the next step
I will trust you to catch me
I know am gonna fall

Let me wrap you with family
So that the faces you see
All have eyes that adore you
They don’t know you like I do…
But they’re patient…Yours forever…
Watching you dance, watching us dance
Through our memories, through our moments…
Now that you know the song…
Sing with me…Say something…

Now I’m drifting,
It doesn’t matter what song is playing
I can’t hear it
Your whispers are loud
Loud enough for me to realize
Your mouth isn’t even moving

My words are yours…

And mine yours…

Our minds soup together
As our thoughts synchronize…
With the music

But you’re wrong
No music for me
Even though I can feel the bass on the floor
Your eyes are singing the song my mind is playing

Can you hear me? Look into my eyes…
Dangerous, isn’t it? To be so close

And yet I hear nothing
I can see and feel you
Somehow my other senses are dull

I know what you want…perhaps its time…
I blink…
And for a moment, all you know is my heartbeat…
Thumping somewhere in your soul
Like a continuously imploding bomb..
Its hot.. Yet you’re not burning… Not yet
Each thump sends my fingers…
A thousand of them…
Dancing across your soul
Its dark… The only light is within you…
Thumping.. Our hearts are awake…
My eyes tell the truth… You know
So you look…
And I draw you closer…closer…closer
Light surrounds you
You’re on fire…but the heat doesn’t hurt…
Its a longing…Its a sound

I don’t trust your eyes, You should know
It’s like a vast sea
When I look,
I feel like I’m falling into an abyss
Pitch black
Yes it’s dangerous
But I’m not scared
I see the light somewhere within
The heat somewhere

Do you want to wake up…
Or will you look into my eyes?

I’d rather step back
This time I want to be in control
Its harder when you do d things you do
I can’t leave that way

Yours is the song…your words are mine

Now the song has ended
But I never heard a note of it
All this twirling has left me light-headed

You dance like a petal caught in the wind…

I was led by the best

Wake up!!!

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