The Race

Christ a poet

There is a race
That is run across the face
Of the earth, everyday.
Racers line from a starting place called ‘Birthday’
They all have enough fuel for the first leg.
Their mission is to get a second full filling of fuel before the first leg is over.

…from the Heavenly Race.

There is no gunshot to signify the start of the race. And their volumes of fuel differ…some have enough fuel for 70years…some for 100, etc
The racers start out screeching and screaming at the sound from her face, some of you know her as Mommy, Mumsi, etc.
They all have forgotten their destination, so they shoot of in different directions, families, talents, dreams, etc.

…from the Heavenly race.

The tracks appear dangerous, there are traps and tricks, bites and licks, designed to distract racers from getting answers. Answers to the question of ‘How does a racer get their…

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