Whispers Of The Storm !!

vikas chandra

New birth of doom, or heaven’s calls?
The fury that slept, now kissed the horizon
See the shards of sky, torn by fiery walls
Held bonded, by faith, of its spirit unwon

Said the storm to night,” O! How I blazed in dark!
Lookers forgot you! “What is night?” They said!
“Better shining storm, than this misery stark,
Enough of this dark, be it storm, instead””

“I was meant to be, the night, I am
Not a fickle storm, with fleeting light
But a serene shade, not a blinding sham
Nor a brazen parade” said the night

Said the storm, to sky, “Have scorched your soul,
Many times before, to weigh my sway
Why a passion misspent, on the dole
To lose once more, to your fortitude’s play”?

“Akin to an urchin, you, in my vast expanse
How bland your pranks, no pain, no sigh
You sound like the gist, of…

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