The Zillionth Love Song !

vikas chandra

Such has been love, that aging cherub
Blasphemed for life, deified to death
Lone voice of truth, amidst times’ hubbub
Yet one more song, past that lasting breath

“Would you care to carve, on my stone,
Your passions’ worth, for me!” she said?
“May this be, that matchless milestone
In histories resound, our love undead!”

“Was it never before, as much sublime?
Your cherished blush, my flush of zeal
How different would be, that wondrous chime?
That tolls to lord, our hearts’ appeal”

She said, “Like the freshest dew, so pristine
That avows pure creed, of my heart’s virtue
Let’s see, how your fiery flairs, underline
The bliss of bread, that sees us through”

“O’ Dear! Beyond us, lies that world
Where angels tread, on lovelorn hearts
Will have the bounds, of two realms blurred
To dare the limits, of our intuitive arts”

Will love evolve, to a new threshold?

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