In the still of the night while I seat on my rocking chair
I had this thought flash through my mind like a movie
One of many movies I partly acted in ignorance
Deeds done that seemingly disheartens

In the memories of memories I am lost in pains
Thinking to myself I could have done things better
In a glance, I stare on, looking at my flaws
Flaws I have to go through pains correcting

In truth I am one of a kind to have a way out
Not everyone is given a second chance to make things right
In the real sense, here is another opportunity to redecorate
I will make full use of it and rewrite history

In two three years’ time, I will be standing in awe at my exploits
I won’t repeat mistakes of the past but will improve
I will put in whatever it takes so as to achieve my goals
Amazing success awaits those who both hard and smart work

in my street, while I was still a kid I still remember the old folks
the memories of their intellectual discourses still ring in my ear
they often talked about the importance of right thinking and
the power of hard work, I grew up to know smart work is better

smart working makes you even employ hard workers
Mr Robert K. once explained why A students work for Cs
In no doubt he is right, many a people have been earned good grades in schools
I see them on the streets with ropes on their necks begging to be tied somewhere secure

Every night they seek for themselves a quiet place to think life through
Tomorrow I will do it better but the day to do it better never came
I for one will not fall such victim again, lessons are learnt already and am set
I am so set for greater things ahead that I am done regretting

I am full of excitement now for I know destiny calls
I know better what to do to make things happen the way I want them to
Enough of guess saying, this time I am taking the bull by the horn
Never again will I be an extra in my own movie

The world get set to celebrate my exceptionality
I know my identity and will proudly showcase it to the world
I am the son of the God of gods and I rule over all situations of life
The world is at my mercy, I take of life whatever my heart desires

I am out to touch lives and make them better than I met them
I am passing though this place and time is running fast
Though time runs out of control for many, I am the pilot of mine
Nothing is impossible; all I see is I’ll Make it Possible

So as the still of the night now turns dawn
I am fully set for the new phase of my life
Eventful, awesome and divinely amazing
My Father never sleeps and His spirit is ever with me

The world shall marvel at my wisdom come to learn at my feet
Not to my glory Lord but for your praises alone
I am ready to be used of you Lord as the pen in the writer’s hand
Use me for your purpose as I open up my eyes to the dawning of a new phase.

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