How the Grace of God Makes You A Naked Christian [Guest Blog]

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How Grace of God Make You A Naked ChristianDavid and Abigail by Antonio Molinari

Consider me highly blessed. I have a beautiful, respectful and a wonderful girlfriend. The phrase, “I have never seen anybody like her” is not a cliché to me, but a daily reality. Like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, I can honestly sing with gusto and verve Jackie Wilson’s To Be Loved.

Someone to care, someone to share, lonely hours and moments of despair. To be loved, to be loved! Oh, what a feeling, to be loved!

The best thing I love about Princess is she encourages me to grow spiritually. Nothing is more honorable than having someone in life who has grown where you are going and going where you are grown. It is only then mutual spiritual growth become evident. I found a girl who is not a hindrance to my faith, but a catalyst for my honest pursuit of the…

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