Road trip

Peace parks, full of people at dawn alone.
By later morning the flock of boarders will have gone.
People haggling, hawking, waving, hugging, waiting and leaving;
As the army of light that is the day comes invading.

The driver mounts his saddle and his horsepower comes alive.
Soon I am taking last looks as we growl through the first queue of wheels.
Like a millipede the body of tires dance along the expressway
Its a bore for me, so I close my eyes.

I dawn in another life
The park from another place
Wording with wine
Waiting to leave, jive through space

But I awake in The parks at dusk
Trudge through the evening
Wondering why it seems I never left
When I know and seem to have taken more
More than a journey, more than a road trip.

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