White Market

There are movies
Of serene stations
Where cars stroll in
Are fed fuel
Only to drive off
Unto the slithering tarmac
Seldom stressfully.

Not here people!
First, Get in line!
Does your father own the filling station?
Line up!

How long will I stay here?
Don’t ask me that!
Am I a seer? Don’t ask me!
If you don’t stay sharp,
Drivers will overtake you
While you count your attempts
You see screamers up ahead
A dullard gets sharp quickly here

But in your alertness
Don’t let your car kiss another
Such vehicular indecency
Is a big mistake.

Show the pumps your tank top;
Don’t quarrel
When you get less fuel
Than you bargained for.
Nobody cares.

Sneak out your exit
Through the chaos of cars
And blame it on the Government
When you patronize us again.

Oh has it been weeks already?
That’s scarcity for you.
We’re accustomed to it.
Blame it on the Government.

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