A Nigerian Wedding Reception

Look at these people
Even with a microphone and a crowd,
No one is ever where they’re called to be.
The bored guests reply incitement with elastic necks
The MC need not be an artist to draw attention.

What are they spraying?
Oh, air freshener in the open!
Next they’ll…there it is!
Airborne Naira notes reach futilely for dignity
As they fall amidst the sweating bodies.

This is a Nigerian Wedding reception,
And most of us, I especially, count down to the Refreshments.

I wait, to capture craze…like this sudden shift of honorarium to the Traditional Head,
And this Baker discussing the cake’s colors like she created a masterpiece.

People try to take pictures of everything…
There is almost no difference between a rich and not-so-rich wedding…
Except quality and comfort, and both on the guests.
The confusion and comfort of the couple and MC is constant.

Now the couple is being watched by everyone as they dance…
They’d wanted to do this all along and society didn’t allow it?
Money is sent swimming through the air again and food causes quarrels.
Yes, I just joined the toast…with a clan of empty cups.

Wait… Don’t blame me for sitting and watching,
None of this isn’t spilled milk now.
Aha! They’re fighting at the food corner…reason? I bet the food is gone.
I am certain the couple’s hunger is a bottomless pit.

All the young in the place get to test moves on the band.
Where is this cake? And how will the Traditional Head finish a cooler of food?
Some people who share my disapproval begin a fight in front of everyone.
A hawker saunters across the event.

Regardless of the state of affairs,
People line up to offer gifts and leave,
Love permeates the air,
Even as the women leader starts a fight of her own.
I guess I sat just outside cake season.

So…turns out there’s a lot of food;
Just rice scarcity…disaster of nuclear proportion.

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