Christ a poet

It all began when I decided to ask questions.

i have, prior to this time believed a whole lot of things but this particular one struck me.

The minister made an altar-call (i was used to picking everyone of those, never had a missed call) so as usual i answered and then he said “every first born child should pray against generational curses”. I prayed fervently in all tongues and was never really satisfied though, that was sometime in 2013.

when this same call was made again in 2014, guess who picked it?

this guy.

then the questions started coming in

1.didn’t you break this curse last year? this curse unbreakable? said greater is He that is in you but, do you really mean that?

so i got offended with myself and decided to seek out the truth. and i am here to share because  have found the…

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