wpid-c5f529e098fef55157e6c810886244d0.jpg To be or not to be? That is all our life is about. Before we come into being,  he chooses who we are, our country, race, gender and personality. We are, not because of our will but for his. Our lives unfold into choices that overlap each other like dominoes. We choose to be happy or sad, to laugh or cry, to like or love. And as we delve deep

Into the life, we have made from  choices, we choose to hate or like, to forgive or not, to keep or give away, to build our lives or let it rot, to read or party, to trust or not to, to say yes or not, to give life or not. Even for the few choices which look like they are not ours to make, are. Life or death is in our hands. Life with God or death without him. You…

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