Slaying my first dragon

There she is…


The Walls Aren’t There Any more. finally they have come down like Jericho’s famous walls They were meant to keep you all out. But they also kept all of me in. So that while others have slayed dragons and grew adept at manoeuvring the beasts with surety. My legs still tremble and I second guess myself, and my ability to handle them . I look longingly at the crumbles of the wall. It was not so bad ; I think. I take a step backwards towards were I think my surety lies. But it’s too late, the beast that keeps watch outside the Walls has awaken. I gasp and take a step back towards the familiar crumbles. But my movements are too hasty and he looks down. His eyes pin mine almost in a dare. I take another step back and he lowers it’s strong, fierce head and bares it’s…

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