The Second Seconds

Find the words to smell a flower,
While it dies beneath its own goodbye.

Separate the day from light,
Because you want to close your eyes,
To blink, human,
Afraid to believe the signs.

I’ll keep your secret
But that makes me family.
So be my wine, my milk,
Be my death.
To have yet not hold,
Through health and disdain,
And I’ll be your night.

I’ll be the story
Your pillow sighs,
When your head rests
In peace, after dusk.

I’ll be your tear
After you’ve stitched nine,
And you will never hear a shatter for dropping me.
I’ll come by in the afternoon’s eye,
And wink a smile
So you remember
Such prudence you seem as eternal,
As you are.

Let’s start again,
And again, until
We are memorials in the sands,
The sands God blew a kiss to.

Kiss me, let me hold your hand.
No, stop, this was the whole point.
Forget me if you can, but now,
Sleep, and give your soul its wake

I will wait, till your soul longs for air
And opens the windows to gaze
And then laugh, and then to know
I will wait, until we’re home
Where time is a river
And we can walk beside it
Not just drift
between what’s current.

I am yours, and you are mine.
For shared, we are free.
Free to love, and promise.
Let go now…. gently.

Let go.

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