A Flashback spell

Drops of music sedate my light darkness.
Words are my spells as I spell them
Beneath twin springs of sound.
I am content, I am content.

As the song changes I think
Of the faces I didn’t face today
Those faces paced far away
The arrows that are my thoughts
Fall short of the distant
And I don’t have airtime
Else my arrows would fly
A little longer, a little farther.

Although I shot at them
They don’t jerk from reception
They don’t bleed any appreciation
Because I miss them, I miss them.

Lowering my bow, device replacement.
I will instead usurp Time, the Maleficent,
And cast my spell across the mind
Whose eyes these spellings shall find.

Note the notes that sound
In the silence to be found
When these words take you back
To a moment you did previously lack.

See my hands
Weaving strong spirit
Till you’re back, present
Awake from drops of music
And light darkness.

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