Time or I

I crashed into her,
A freight from my future,
Rhythm established, we’d dance for ours,
Time would get jealous, snatch our fore hours.

Soon enough we got used to that;
Wrote and read,each the other’s heart
Fought and played, we soon grew to love,
Soon forgot what time wouldn’t have.

Then my freight got called back home
By a Prince who had yet no throne
Separate, I rode off in Sane;
Sane’s the name of my train of thought.

Through the mountains and night and day,
I forgot what twin speed felt like.
Dragging all of my former fright
I was whining on, growing light.

Then she crashed,
Right back into me,
We climaxed,
But time was waiting.

The Prince picked promise over promises,
And I caught her like catarrh airways,
How I thought I was winning
But time, Old Time was waiting.

Now I fly these grey-back snakes
Who take me far to distant lakes
To drink resolve in name and kin
Future freight wide-eyed behind me

She came back stronger
Her words are sharper
And I will teach her, my beautiful future
I will hold her until we’re past together.

But as for him, that ticking villain;
One fate awaits his heart of porcelain.
Death, death by a hand that’s mine
Yes I am dressed to kill Time.

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