So far far away ….

vikas chandra

On foot, a dozen mile, a father’s tedious toil
“Yes Doc! My child of nine, raped, I dare say,
Preyed on by a beast, to our hearts recoil
Souls fleeced, learnt harsh rituals, the hard way
Yet await thru woes, a lost hope, so far far away ….”

“You dressed her lesions, alas, which bandage
Shall heal her soul, a sting-scribbled essay
How strewn our broke lives, bereft of my daily wage
Spent my soul, walking this pain, all day
Lone faith, her smile, though, so far far away ….”

“How we bore a dream, joy’s seed we sowed
She the sprout of poise, darling doll of clay
What befell her, Lord! A soul was mowed
A half-woman maimed, by a passion astray
That “woman” wished away, so far far away ….”

Why law doesn’t see, as impune rapists spree
High on machismo, wild manhoods stray
Vain pride-ignited, insane, imposed…

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