Christ a poet

The greatest miracle on earth, a sinner came to repentance and is saved

Heaven rejoices for a new creations birth, now old things are passed away

Behold all things are new but please may I be excused

‘Cause if this hypothesis is proven theory

Why do I fall to the things I once rose up from?

Why do I feel like a couple once wed amidst cheers of joy?

Now wondering why their love has become a burden to endure

Why does it all now seem to feel like a fairytale

Where the magic only lasts till midnight with no prince charming come to find me

Glass slipper in hand, ready to rescue me from the depths of these dungeons

From these caves and chains, sins I once was saved from

I wish I could call out to the brethren

The ones who professed “Yes I love with you with…

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