Be Productive in everything you do, give something back to the world starting from your little corner, touch the lives you see everyday with overwhelming love so they see the true beauty of being a Christian.

Good friends are invaluable, cross out bad friends from your friends list, only keep those adding values to your life and stay clear of those gangrenous with vices in order for you to stay unpolluted.

Spirituality is very important, humans are souls possessing spirits, stay tuned in the spirit always by studying, practicing and teaching the values and virtues in your religion

Don’t miss out on any good thing happening around you, the music, the games, the cool spots with aesthetic values etc. Always ensure to create fun out of everything daily, go for good concerts or play records of them. Do not miss out on both the small and big things in life…

Take care of your inner circle: your family. Nourish everyone and mentor them to care for one another by default. Ensure love oozes out magnificently in anyplace you call home. Until everyone close to you sees your home as the place to run to for succor and happiness, you should keep on working to improve

We have a chance as humans to participate in recreating happiness for people around us, do favours no matter how little, love without holding back, express displeasure when offended but not offensively… IT IS MORE POWERFUL TO LOVE THAN TO HATE.

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