I am again writing from my point of imagination
My ability to cloud meaning with artistry
I pray it manifests itself beyond my volition
Because right now, write now… I’ll be me.

I’m looking back at the reasons I switched off. Switching on for a moment I realise, it was not for you, Father. It was not for power that I switched off…nor was it for purpose that I quivered my arrows.

I am a poison, killing effortlessly because
My ability to seem harmless will blindingly cause
Eyes to prey on my warmth then overloading
Because all the while, all the wiles erode in.

And though I hurt eventually, all those who fell by me, I hurt; because I seem oblivious to their games but I see. I have the internal capacity to walk appearing unscathed, its how I master my integrated circuit of connections, I must seem invincible.

Herein lies the truth, why I switched off.

I am yours and You, Father, have become mine.
My ability to be your son a gift in fine.
I paid for none of my ills; yet there’s pain
Because tonight, to knight… I switch off again.

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