Back to the Races

Yesterday I fornicated,
Apologized, took some drugs to cure it.
But I found this all is a syndrome;
Its not about the stuff that I have done,
Its The Life that I live from,
Yes its the Truth I believe on.
That’s how the race is still won.

So no homological hope can erase this,
Only blood gets you back to the races.

Yesterday I criticized,
Wasn’t even face to face.
Heard the Spirit tell me, ‘stop,’
Yet I kept on with my mouth pace.
Am getting to that place I do everything you tell me to,
Not because of my own safety or some flimsy benefit.
But because I want to mean something.
Something good, something worthy,
Not some memory of gross disappointment,
No, a paragon of Love and Achievement.

So today I say okay, when the Spirit says to stay.
Rather than rise and fall to human praises,
LORD, lead me back to the races.

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