Christ a poet


I listened to a Song by Lecrae(Rebel album ), entitled, “Fall Back”. Trust me, that song has a whole lot to posit. Here;

I know you might have seen it on the TV
You hear it on the radio and CD(fall back)
But you can be deceived pretty easy
Believe me… you might wanna (fall back)
The enemy’s crafty and misleading
That’s why I use the word of God to Lead me
And I ain’t eating everything they feed me
Tryna deceive me…so I gotta fall back

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Lies in them songs lies on television
No telling what lies on the television
Learned sarcasm, sexism, racism
Learned to worship money cars
Learned to hate Christians
All the Christians in the movies so typical
Alcoholic, child molesting, hypocritical and mystical
They say since everyone is doing it it’s normal
But Jesus says be transformed and…

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