War of Words too

When you call someone a ‘Son of a Bitch’ or perhaps when you use those other profanities you’re used to, do you always mean that? Was that the most honourable you could have been?

You are the Monarch of your World. No one means what you mean to anyone. We either are one thing or another. No two people mean the same thing to any one person.

Your words were an ability given to you by GOD to create and heal and multiply, so use them as you see fit. But don’t say you weren’t warned, that you weren’t told. Your every word has a result in your tomorrow and in the tomorrow of those who hear you. Why? Because you are royalty…Kings and Queens of hearts and your words can be clubs or diamonds but they are cards in the game that is someone’s life, even your very own.

Speak well, or be silent. In the war of words, which side are you on? Love?

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