Hundred’s Ache

I believe in life after death.

In fact, what we call death is just a hibernation…. Sleep. Real death is the destruction of Identity. The Obliteration of a Soul.

GOD said a soul lasts beyond this earth. This revelation is solid.
Its there, like a strong tree, in my heart; dividing every blow of doctrine I’m dealt.

Yet why do I, believing this,
Feel great sorrow and not bliss?
When I glance
Through the memories
Of the moments
Shared with all these,
Like a vivid dream shared by many,
Their faces and names are history.

After a while, its normal that our loved ones are gone. We remember the pain as a disease we were cured from. I guess we believed in life after death – past tense. Tenses changed the moment we became tense.

But Stop!!! Oh pen,
Let us pray and sleep;
Although we reminisce and weep,
We believe that death is just a blip.

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