Hymn of Vengeance IX

When I got to the receptionist’s, dry confusion was still sketched on my expression. I gave her the note Jesse wrote and half-collapsed on her shiny porcelain desk/platform. She seemed to read the note and something just shifted in her eyes. I was too tired. I just waited for her to say where I should go.
She said,
“Go to room 4, whose door is unlocked
And if it is empty then don’t be shocked
As guests of the Founder hate to be mocked
Wait or leave, your path is unblocked.”

I frowned and walked away. The hotel had these men who directed you to your room. I followed one of them to room 4 and thanked him. I slithered quickly into the room to escape his tip-asking eyes.
The room was dark so I groped the wall for the switch on the wall. I soon found it and flicked it.

She wore a dark green mini skirt that covered just a third of her thighs; that and a brassiere. My eyes fixed on her bedded form like flies to death.

She was awake.

She seemed to have been waiting too. Waiting in the darkness? I asked my stupefied self. She looked at me with expectation in her eyes but I knew we had never met. She was really pretty.

I remembered Jesse (strangely) and how he said the founder as a terrorist. Well I was certainly positively terrorized. But could this be the Founder? (Definite Stupefaction)
She held me in her gaze and even though her eyes were less provoking than her body, I was slowly (not slowly enough) losing control just standing there.

I decided to speak, both to excuse myself and to end the moment,

“Pardon my intrusion, Dear Lady
I had the impression, someone awaited me.
Perhaps at reception, she misdirected me.
I beg your discretion, please forgive me.”

And then I turned with my hand on the door, I was leaving. She spoke in a light, calm, mellifluous voice stopping me instantly,

“Visitor of the Founder, Noah in my den
The founder is away, he will return again.
I know who you are, the founder told your name.
Pleasure me and stay, hint at the leopard’s game.”

I wasn’t surprised that news of the Leopard was known but had the Cross really let my name out with news of everything else. Suddenly, I could vaguely see a naughty plan by the Cross to find out all I knew about the Leopard of Bushy road. Perhaps even the so-called ‘Founder’ was their piece as well.

I looked at her again with suspicion that just quickly faded. She had stood up and was gliding towards me. In the time it took me to decide if to go or stay, she reached around me, pushed the door close behind me and locked it.

As she led me to the bed, my fatigue ironically evaporated.

As I sat down, she climbed into the bed and knelt behind me. She slowly began to massage my bunched and tense shoulders. I began to feel relaxed and relieved. Perhaps this wasn’t a bad way to wait for Mr. Founder, I thought as I closed my eyes.

They didn’t open when she spoke either. Her dreamy hands and voice melted together,

“To what end did you fall in such danger?
Is not the Armor a cozy enough manger?
Except, to all you’re a perfect stranger,
Demise like yours would be a life changer.”

Eyes still closed I replied deftly,

“The Armor’s coziness was not the issue
I thought my spouse to me was untrue
A night in suspicion promised to be blue
I followed her to find a releasing clue.”

For a moment’s shadow she seemed to pause but it passed and she continued soothing my muscles with her dainty but efficient touch. Slowly her thighs slid down my sides as she sat more comfortably behind me. Her breasts were barely touching my back so when they pressed into me during her kneading I noticed. When next she spoke, it was close.

She said,

“Be your spouse untrue, could fault be yours?
During season fishes seek and swim new shores.
Dissatisfaction is an illness that cures and thus
Change a person and what she does”

I frowned deeply as I tried to think about this from beneath the pleasure of her hands. I tried to think of a time when Dew had ever hinted at dissatisfaction. I did try, but I couldn’t find an instant or instance. If Dew was cheating on me, there had to be some other reason.

Then I had my third doubt about my doubt. I had no real proof that Dew was cheating on me apart from her present absence. I opened my eyes to scan the wall in front of me for a clock. When I found one it said 02:25am in bold red digits.
What was a married woman doing out in the night with another man at this time? No matter how I looked at it, she was red with guilt.

But wasn’t I guilty as well?
My masseuse’s hands were – not slowly enough – accomplishing seduction by now rather than relief. She leaned closer me with her lips brushing down my neck just under my right ear, her breast pressed into my back and whispered,

“Disregarding one, she followed another into the night,
I understand your pain and know your plight.
But let us love instead of fight
And let your pleasure be my might.”

Her hands slid into my shirt, brushing past my nipples as they glided across my chest. She gave my neck a few kisses before sucking on my earlobe and nearly licking my entire ear.

My body went rigid. Thoughts and ideas flashed in and out of my mind’s focus before my mind became empty except of pure hot lust.
NO, my heart screamed.
YES, my body whispered even louder.

I didn’t notice until that moment that my shirt’s buttons had been undone. One of her fiery hands was quickly cooling its way into my pants. In a few seconds I would be past the point of no return.

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