Board Moments

Dear Father,
Tonight, just before I sink back into ‘One Piece’,
I reminisce
For a moment of the days I spent in boarding school. I would have survived, perhaps become someone else.
I love the way you combined each experience…
This much and that little, here and there.

I remember the hall-rooms, the students, my performance at a Social night; as I watch a man read I remember how effortlessly I devoured novels and storybooks. In comparison, he seems to be force-feeding himself, but that’s okay.

I remember the visiting days; joyous and feasty, with plenty of meat (in comparison to today’s fishy business), and there were the seniors, more ferocious than the graduating class of my cousin today.

I remember my friends, and their separate impact on me.

One thing I’ve learned, its that we all change each other, however unnoticeably. One day we all recall one little thing that affects a big decision and us.

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