A murderer joke

Award-winning story…

Shehu was in class 3 in 1983 👱. His teacher 🙅 always yelled at him, calling him “a waste of conception, time and space. And a sure failure in life 🚶”. One day, poor Shehu’s grand mother 👵 came to school 🏡to check out how her grandson was doing. The teacher told her quite frankly that she had never seen such a dumb boy all her life; and advised her to withdraw and enrol him under an artisan 🔧🔨, because formal schooling 🎓for Shehu would be a total waste of time and money 💸. The grandmother, shocked 😨 at the teacher’s remarks, withdrew her grandson from the school and relocated to Maiduguri 🚂. 25 years later the teacher was diagnosed with a brain tumour. All the doctors 💉 she met advised her to do surgery. And only a certain doctor in the whole of Nigeria (practicing in Maiduguri) could perform this procedure. Left with no alternative, the poor teacher agreed to have the surgery performed 😓. Fortunately, It was successful. When she awoke hours after the surgery, she saw a handsome young doctor 👨smiling down at her. She wanted to thank him but could not speak 😶. She looked sideways and suddenly began to express shock & anguish 😧, her face started to turn pale 😨; she frantically made attempts to raise her hand and tell him something but couldn’t. She struggled, she fought hard 😱… Till she gave up the Ghost and died :o. The young doctor was shocked :oops:. He tried to find out what went wrong ❌. Eventually he found out that it was our dear Shehu 😎(now working as a cleaner in the hospital) who had disconnected the lady’s ventilator to connect his phone charger 🔌.

Wait… You thought that Shehu became the doctor :oops:?
If I hear 😂….

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