Leap of Faith

Whilst Sipping Coffee. . .

Often in life, we are faced with situations when reasons dont suffice.When one has to take unprecedented risks, but lacks the courage to do so. This is a little piece inspired by this line of thought.


It will all make sense eventually.
Just learn to give life some time.

The pieces will form a picture worth cherishing.
You will get to sing your rhyme!

Don’t try to make sense of things yet.
Each piece is to be cherished, in its own.

The joy is in letting the puzzle decipher itself.
Only then the picture will show, how much you have grown.

We tend to spend our hours, our days.
In finding reason, in plans, we do not control.

Just go, take a leap of faith!
There is someone out there, looking out for your soul.


– Fictionatrix

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