Miss Bliss’s last kiss

vikas chandra

Once a queen of the silver screen, Miss Bliss was she in all esteems
She galloped on awe and reigned lordly on fellas’ lurid passions
Who could have reckoned a petty town naïve lass with maxi dreams
Would unwittingly kiss the limelight; be now a cynosure of obsessions

Had she not known that fame is fleeting like a fickle chum and comes with a steep price?
That silver screen alas ain’t so silvery now, is blemished with sundry shambles
Just as the surge, the plunge was brisk, how faux appeared the castles of credible lies
Remember Miss Bliss? Now a throbbing murk of her dazzling self, is done with all the gambles

This ruthless, swanky, soulless, unforgiving realm, where names are made and erased everyday
While the silver screen seduces and mesmerizes souls, its promise of glory is poker-faced
A rising star is welcome here, a fallen one reviled to…

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