Types of slaps (By Egwu Nnanna)


There are 6 major types of slaps, they are:

1)TAKE AWAY SLAP: This is a situation where someone gives you a dirty slap and all you do is hold your face and walk away, this kind is normally received by newly born again Christians.

2)RESOUNDING SLAP: This is when after you’re hit, u keep hearing some funny sound in your brain like wiiiiiiiiiii, and voices on your head singing skelewu.

3) FORMATTING SLAP: This is the type that makes someone forget instantly what he or she was doing, you find yourself asking questions like ” what did I do?” ” who slap me? This type is very common, it is a slap from guys who re stronger than you.

4) EXPLANATION SLAP: When someone gives you this kind, you find yourself explaining the situation to the nearest person out of your own accord. E.g.. Bros, sheebi you been dey watch? I been no do anything o, I just dey pass na. This is a slap from soldiers that have missed promotion for a long time.

5) FIXED DEPOSIT SLAP: When you receive this kind, all you do is just stand right where you are and watch the person walk away. This slap is from elder brothers.

6)RHETORICAL SLAP: The moment you download this slap u start asking questions that don’t need reply ” Mark you slap me?..

There is no doubt that in our live experiences we have received one or more of these slaps, lol!

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