A Death and A Letter

This is a letter.

Written in replacement,
Yet original and single.
I had lost a light, 
A crown born from trouble.

One day I ask myself if it really is true when it is said, ‘opportunity knocks but once’? Is it truly so that throughout our few years on earth,  God is planning, for a few moments?

I thought of how I got saved by one man’s obedience, how I ignored that same sacrifice and yet as I jerked and backslid forward into the Democratic Republic of Damnation, screaming ‘it’s my life’ to the one who gave me life… His mercies still renewed every morning.

I am not the me I used to be and I am no me without him. So it would make sense that I live an eternal servant of the King who saved me from stabbing myself to death from the broken pieces of my heart. It would but he ironed out all that and said, ‘You are my son. Yes even my friend.’

From my heavenly place where I sat in Christ, one day I saw a flower bathing in the sunlight and it’s colours… The way it danced in the wind gave my goose bumps so that my eyes shivered with lust.

So I stared at this flower until every passing day it’s colors would paint the dawn and cool my dusk. Eventually I reached for it, but it was too far beneath me so I got down from my heavenly place to take that flower.

Now God is life and as it withered from godlessness, so did I. In my folly, rather than give my love to his life so that we would live I thought, ‘it’s my life.’ Yet He called and I ignored him until my flower withered.

We cried, laughed, fought, grew, were foolish and at times wise but… We were together until I woke up to a phone call calling my phony flower, gone. I looked up to Heaven with the sea leaking from my eyes and recalling my heavenly place I called out.

This is a letter.

Written in replacement,
Yet original and single.
I had lost a light, 
A crown born from trouble.
But, ‘I am the Resurrection,
And the Life.’ He said.
‘All who lose themselves
For my sake will find
None have imagined,
Ears have not heard,
Eyes have not seen,
What my Father prepared.’

I will sit on my heavenly place, in Christ… Only standing firm in the blood shed so I could come home.

Yours Sincerely.

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