Three Most Important Life Lessons

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What is life without knowledge? To the delight of myself, elementary teachers, and guidance counselors nationwide I’ll follow up the previous question with the classic schoolyard cliché’ “Knowledge is power.”


Somewhere a sixth grade student is rolling their eyes. Do you even lift bro?

In my short but turbulent life I have experienced three main life lessons that have affected me to my core. I now consciously live my life in alignment with these lessons and am pleased with the results. This isn’t a self-help, raspberry, bullshit article where I’ll promise you the world on an ice cream cone but rather real world truths that I have lived and all of us instinctually know. Sit back, relax, grab a coke, put on a smile and enjoy.

Life Lesson One: Whatever You Think About Intently Will Transpire.

The older I become the more I realize that life isn’t random but rather…

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