Solitude Islands ……………………….

vikas chandra

When the lurid dins in my heaving mind, brim over to fill my heart with stings
Embarked on a passage through the boundless drifts and chance turnings
Trouncing the tangles one more time to reach the promised placid lands
My heart leaps out in the blissful folds of Solitude Islands, Solitude Islands ………………

Crestfallen by the put-on realm outwards, every visage an echo of artifice
How wildly gripped to the jinx of pride, and spent in the flair of avarice
But deep inside basks boundless poise, tied to soul’s immortal strands
Solace at last and there to last in the hallowed bounds of Solitude Islands, Solitude Islands ………………

While blows and flaws, qualms and guiles all yoke the spirit that wants to rise
How forlorn is a labored soul in a clogged arcade of piercing sighs
See my wrecked conceit and sublime core as I touch upon the blissful sands
A timeless…

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