Peace’s Pieces

Peace. I sometimes wonder what it is, as if to say dictionaries make me wary of dictions. But think about it, what would you call peace and secondly how easy would it be for someone to waltz by and piss on that little piece of peace you’ve pieced together? How hard is it for you to weep?

I’ve seen little girls dance well to no music, and heard art painted with stories of pure pain. Its contrast so diverse we sigh loudly, as if to say peace is beyond our assimilating.

Yet we preach it loud in our little congregations; Peace, Peace, Peace, thus promise politicians. But they lost it back at Adam and wept till they were breast-fed. They say the truth is bitter, so they gave Him vinegar.

Say Peace is the lack of conflict, or war or infringement of freedom. We look for it in trophies that become metal and plastic when the heat is turned up. We look for it in power even though all power belongs to Jesus. We look for it in people, the arm of flesh.

Say, freedom is the ability to choose between options and without wisdom this ability proves itself the opposite of liberation. Wisdom, then, is key.

War. The baby born blind or epileptic or into poverty will tell you, ‘We were always at war with death.’ Death. Perhaps now we’ve hit essential importance.

War is terrible. Victims of war are either dead, dying or almost died. Infringement of rights often shows a disregard for life. Its like the government, your partner, the passers-by who ignored an injured stranger…all saying,’You can die for all I care, your life is a nuisance.’

The bottom line is, where is Peace? If death is the dude whose distance from us determines our level of peace, then Peace has to be in the spot farthest from…Wait…Do you know what death is?

Death…the end of living, the end of war, the end of conversation… Really? Take a look at the mango fruit and the elephant; they’re both going to die right? Say they’re both eaten, that’s the end right? But look closer, science helps that now. You can see that both the elephant and the fruit are made of atoms that become part of the eater.

Let’s backtrack; the body of the, say, man conquers that of the fruit or the elephant and takes over its atoms and cell. Why? For the energy stored in them.

So we say the elephant or fruit is dead, because they aren’t available to interaction on our plane or because their entirety is no longer a whole entity.

But have they really ceased to exist? To live? Or has fear from pain caused us all to call a conspiracy what only looks so from our myopic point of view. Have the philosophies born from these misconceptions not been the source of fear of death? So its not death that kills our peace, but the fear of it.

When I was smaller I used to fear the dark, its many faced silhouettes and meetings to which I was never invited. When found that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world, that I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, I began to sit calmly in the dark, convinced, persuaded that I am the light of the world.

I don’t fear the dark anymore or death. I am full of peace because I’ve found the place farthest from death which only happens when an entity is broken down because the entity is no longer whole. I know The Way to this place. But make no mistake… The power of this place I speak of, to be at such peace is domiciled in The Truth. Inhabitants know the Truth and this the source of their peace. Like smaller me, our fear is a prison whose bars are made of ignorance and Peace is the calm to walk through the open Way to The Life beyond.

That’s the definition of peace. Wisdom, then, is Key; as if to say dictionaries make me wary of dictions. Peace.

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